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otp_banners's Journal

Show your love, spread the love.
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OTP Banners: They were started out by mukhy0 as a way to support fandom pairings without clouding up info pages or websites.

You may host on your own server or use our bandwidth. Credit isn't necessary, but it'd be nice to link to here to spread the love.

Requests: You can post in the community and ask if you'd like any pairing (or threesome) of any series. If you'd like a certain background request it :D Any fandom, any pairing, het or not. Anyone is allowed to request and anyone who has time can fulfill the request will be greatly appreciated!

PLEASE check to see if a banner for your pairing is already made before making another request. Every banner that has been made is archived in our memories, memories back-up, and tags. We've just implemented the tagging system since a member mentioned it was a good way to organize all the banners posted. It's up to date to check it out if you're looking for a pairing in a fandom :)

Making banners: Our default font is FFF Atlantis Trial which you may download for free from dafont. The default size is 100x11 with a black edge.